Giltwood Mirror

This magnificent 10 foot high mirror in giltwood and vernis Martin, a form of imitation coloured lacquer, was made in 1888 by the French furniture designer Louis Majorelle. It was commissioned by King Willem III and Queen Emma as part of a suite for the Royal Palace of Het loo at Apeldoorn in the Netherlands.

After removing the mirror plate and giltwood from the frame, the carvings, gilding, painting and lacquer work were repaired, cleaned and restored.

Orientalist Pagodas

A fantastic pair of 10 feet high French gilt and lacquered display cabinets with Japanese shibayama panels, mirrored interiors and glazed sides. Circa 1880.  

Restoration included cabinet and carving repairs, re-working door lacquer "repairs", decoration and gilt work.

3 chinese pagodas.png

Lacquer Centre Table

This Japanese "Monkey" centre table was purchased for Chatsworth House at the 1851 Great Exhibition, Crystal Palace London. The furry carved monkeys, dressed in brocade jackets, are holding up a silk covered carved tree trunk centre column and together they support a highly decorated, mother of pearl inlaid lacquer top.

Restorations included carving, fabric, fur, hair and plaster repair, decoration and lacquer work.

Rosewood Table

An Indian Rosewood, silver, copper and mother of pearl inlaid quatrefoil table by Italian cabinet maker Eugenio Quarti, circa 1900.

General restoration included cabinet work, repaired and replaced metal and mother of pearl inlays, cleaning and hand polishing.

Inlaid Writing Cabinet

A large important inlaid writing cabinet in kingwood, padouk, rosewood and mahogany, circa 1880, attributed to French cabinet maker Gabriel Viardot.

Restoration included cabinet and veneer work, mother of pearl, brass inlays, metal mouldings, carving repairs and replacements, cleaning and hand polishing.

Gilt Console Table

One from a pair of fantastic gilt consoles with Italian specimen marble tops, each table bearing the Gort coat-of-arms, circa 1850.

1 Gort table 75.png

Restoration included cabinet, carving work and replacements, gesso and gilt repairs, complete re-gild of one table to match the other.

Ebony and Gilt Snooker Table

A superb ebony and gilt English antique snooker table by Cox and Yeman, London, Circa 1895. This Victorian table was made for James Blyth, 1st Baron Blyth (1841-1925) 33 Portland Place, London.

Restoration included extensive cabinet and veneer work, hand polishing, carvings and full giltwood repair and re-gild.


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